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The Estrada Real Passport is a unique record and allows you to track and record all your experiences on the Estrada Real paths. To purchase yours, just fill in the passport registration.

Virtual Passport

The passport is free and individual, and you will have it in virtual format, download the Estrada Real Application and get yours! Fill out the Registration Form and have access to exclusive stamps and certificates.

Physical Passport

You can also have the passport in physical format, just request and check the pick-up locations.

1st: Fill out the Registration (The registration is unique and you can fill it out through the Website or Application)..

2nd: Website Registration: You will receive a confirmation email with a system-generated by the system. If you do not receive this email, contact the email at or by phone (31) 3263-4765, informing your CPF number.
Application Registration: After registration in the application, the number generated by the system will already appear in your profile.

3rd: Present your code number (printed or digital) at one of the passport collection points, along with 1 kg of non-perishable food (except salt, cornmeal, sugar and flour), which will be donated to a local institution.

Find passport and stamp pickup points

To find out exactly which Passport Pickup Point and Stamp Point are closest to you, select a Path and a city or download the full list of locations.

Stamps, paths and certificates

Along the Royal Road, you get stamps from different cities to fill in your passport and, at the end of the journey, get a certificate for each of the four Paths.

How do stamps work?

Stamps are proof that you have passed through a certain city. Along the way, you will find Virtual Passport Check-in Points and several Stamping Points, for your physical passport, spread across some cities that are part of the Way. But remember that to complete the physical passport, only one stamp will be accepted per city and that they are registered by the Estrada Real Institute. Therefore, get to know each city well, explore the Stamp Points and choose your favorite to register your adventure.

How to get the certificate?

By going all the way and getting a stamp per city, you can receive your certificate.

Virtual Passport: By unlocking all stamps for each path, you will automatically receive the certificate in your application, per path.

Physical Passport: By sending an e-mail to, with images of the passport's home page and pages with stamps, for verification, we will send the certificate by e-mail, which can be printed. However, for the physical passport each Path requires its minimum number of stamps:

  • Path of Diamonds: 10 stamps
  • New Path: 08 stamps
  • Old Way: 14 stamps
  • Path to Sabarabuçu: 04 stamps

Special Certificate

Travelers who travel the 4 Paths will be awarded the Special Certificate, the highest recognition of the Estrada Real.

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Ready to walk the Paths of the Royal Road?

After completing the form below, wait for an e-mail with the code that must be presented at any Passport pickup point. Remember to also check your spam/junk mail.


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